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What is 'Choose And Book' ?

Choose and Book is a national system designed to ensure that patients have a choice in which doctor they see, where they see them, and as much control over when they see them as possible.
It is impossible to create an 'on-demand' service, so there are some practical constraints that we all have to live with.

In the 'New NHS', all hospitals can offer their services and a range of treatments to patients; the NHS pays a designated fee for the treatment, whether carried out at your local NHS hospital or at your local private hospital.

Each Primary Care Trust can decide if it wishes to purchase a particular form of treatment at the standard fee, or Tariff, and each provider hospital can decide if it can afford to offer the treatment at the Tariff offered; this decision may mean that a private hospital might decline to offer a full range of services, whereas most NHS Trusts would continue to offer treatments even if the cost of providing care is greater than the Tariff paid.

A complex clinical coding system is in place to ensure that sufficient monies are available to cover the cost of all treatments so that all hospitals, private or NHS can cover the costs of providing care. The coding is sometimes flawed, but it's improving all the time.

The key facts that you need to bear in mind as a patient are:

You have the right to request treatment where you want it, by whom you want it, and to a great extent, when you want it.

The care is provided according to the same underlying theme that the NHS operates under i.e. free at the point of delivery

All hospitals get paid exactly the same fee for providing the care that you need.

Highly complex surgery performed on patients with complex medical problems is likely to need the backup of your local NHS Trust… but they get paid more for dealing with the added complexity

An NHS patient having surgery at a private hospital may not get the same range of added benefits as patients funding their own care, although their medical care is identical.

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