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Morbidity associated with Trochanteric Osteotomy in resurfacing
Carlisle GS, Wakeling C, Norton MR, Fern ED
J Bone Joint Surg Br Proceedings, Nov 2011; 93-B: 548

The use of cannulated femoral stems in the treatment of peri-prosthetic fractures and complex revision hip arthroplasty
Guyver P, Norton M, Cattell A, Bartlet GE, Fern E D
J Bone Joint Surg 93-B Supp 1, 2011

Recurrence of Femoral Neck Osteophytes after impingement Surgery
Sawhala S,   Dixon S, Fern E D,  Norton MR
J Bone Joint Surg 93-B Supp 1, 2011

Heterotopic ossification following surgical hip dislocation using Ganz Trochanteric Flip approach
Sawhala S,   Dixon S M, Fern E D,  Norton MR
J Bone Joint Surg 93-B Supp 1, 2011

Early failure of the dual coat Cormet 2000 Metal-on-Metal Acetabular Component
L Jeavons, S.M. Dixon, R.P. Reddy , E.D. Fern, M.R. Norton.
J Bone Joint Surg 93-B Supp 1, 2011

Non union following bilateral simultaneous Ganz trochanteric osteotomy
S.M. Dixon, R.P. Reddy, E.D. Fern, M.R. Norton.
J Bone Joint Surg 93-B Supp 1, 2011

Focus on Femoro-acetabular Impingement
E Darren Fern Mark R norton
J Bone Joint Surg Br ‘Focus On...’web publication 2010

Audit-induced change reduces complications of the Ganz trochanteric flip approach
PM Guyver, A Cattell, RP Reddy, C Edwards, D Wiliams, SM Dixon, MR Norton, ED Fern
Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2010;92

Fatal Fat embolism after above knee amputation in a child: a case report
Sean M Dixon,  E Darren Fern
Orthopaedic Reviews Vol 2 (In Press), 2010

Genetic influences in femoro-acetabular impingement: a sibling study
T.C.B. Pollard, R.N. Villar, M.R. Norton, E.D. Fern, M.R. Williams, D.W. Murray, A.J. Carr
J Bone Joint Surg Br 2010;92-B 209-216

Femoroacetabular impingement and the classification of the cam deformity:The reference interval in normal hips
Thomas C B Pollard, Richard N Villar, Mark R Norton, E Darren Fern, Mark R Williams, David J Simpson, David W Murray, Andrew J Carr
Acta Orthopaedica Feb 2010;81(1):134-41

Non Union following simultaneous bilateral trochanteric osteotomy
Sean M Dixon,  Ravi P Reddy,   Dan Williams, E Darren Fern, Mark R Norton
Orthopaedic Reviews Vol 2 (1), 2010

Femoral neck thinning is a rare complication of hip resurfacing using the Cormet 2000 uncemented resurfacing through a Ganz approach
Dixon S,  Williams D  Reddy R  Norton MR  Fern ED
J Bone Joint Surg Br 2009; Supp III, 407

Early Aggressive management of Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis
Fern ED, Easwaran P, Norton MR
J Bone Joint Surg Br 2009; Supp III, 408

Early experience and results for 148 surgical hip dislocations performed for impingement.
CJ Edwards, R Reddy , A Bidaye, ED Fern, MR Norton.
J Bone Joint Surg Br 2009; Supp III, 404

Synthetic Ligaments in Hip Surgery
Holroyd B, Fern ED
European Musculoskeletal Review. June 2009; 4:1 52-54

Early failure of the Dual coat Cormet 2000 metal on metal acetabular component
Dixon S, Jeavons L, Reddy R, Williams D, Fern ED, Norton MR
Hip Int 2009; 19: 128-30

The effect of different surgical approaches on the femoral head blood supply
RT Steffan, K O’Rourke, D Fern, M Norton, HS Gill, DW Murray
J Bone Joint Surg Br 2009 May;91-B Supp 2:294

Open Surgery For Hip Impingement
Norton M, Fern ED, Williams M
Br J Hosp Med (Lond.) 2009 Feb;70(2):78-83

Femoral oxygenation during hip resurfacing through the trochanteric flip approach
Steffan R, Fern D, Norton M, Murray DW, Gill HS
Clin Orthop Relat Res 2009 Apr;467(4):934-9

A novel use for synthetic ligaments in hip surgery.
B Holroyd, ED Fern.
Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2008;90: 253-254
Fractures of Taper-Fit CDH stems used in ‘cement-in-cement’ revisions
TW Briant-Evans, M Norton, ED Fern
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2007March; 89 (3):393-6

Skimboarding: a new danger in the surf
Williams MR, Poulter RJ, Fern ED
Emerg Med J. 2006 Feb;23(2):137

The Tent drape for the C-arm image intensifier
Al Shawi A, Fern ED
Injury. Sep;35(9):927-9. 2004

Day Case hip replacement surgery via a two incision approach: one cut too many?
Capital Doctor 26, 2004

Do warming blankets increase bacterial counts in the operating field in a laminar flow theatre?
Sharp RJ, Chesworth T, Fern ED
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2002 May;84(4):468-8

An improved cementing technique for revision hip surgery after peri-prosthetic fractures
Sandhu SS, Fern ED, Parsons SW
Injury. 1999 Apr;30(3):195-8

Assessment of the optimum duration of therapy with oral dichloromethylene diphosphonate (clodronate) in the treatment of Paget’s disease.
Khan S, McCloskey EV, Eyres KS, Fern ED, Kanis JA
Semin Arthritis Rheum. 1994 Feb;23(4):271

Effects of intravenous oral dichloromethylene diphosphonate (CL2MBP) in treatment of Paget’s disease of bone.
Eyres KS, McCloskey EV,  Fern ED , Khan S, Kanis JA
Semin Arthritis Rheum. 1994 Feb;23(4):270

The assessment of vertebral deformity: a method for use in population studies and clinical trials.
McCloskey EV,  Spector TD, Eyres KS, Fern ED, O’Rourke N, Vasikaran S, Kanis JA
Osteoporos Int. 1993 May;3(3):138-47

Clodronate in hypercalcaemia and osteolytic bone disease due to breast cancer
Kanis JA, McCloskey EV, O’Rourke N, Khan S, Fern ED, Eyres KS, Sirtori P, Taube T, Powles T and Paterson A
Saudi Medical Journal 14(2):93-97, 1993

Bone Spurs after iliac crest bone graft harvesting
Fern ED, Saleh MS
Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology 6, 27-29, 1993

Effective treatment of malignant hypercalcaemia with a single intravenous infusion of clodronate
O’Rourke N, Mc Closkey EV, Vasikaran S, Eyres KS, Fern ED, Kanis JA
British Journal of Cancer 67(3):138-47, 1993

Rationale for the use of clodronate in osteoporosis
Kanis JA, McCloskey EV, Sirtori P, Khan S, Fern ED, Eyres LS, Aaron J, Beneton M.
Osteoporosis International 3(3):138-47, 1993

Leg lengthening in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Fern ED Eyres KS Bell MJ Saleh M
J Paed Orthop B 1993; 2:62-65

Olecranon Advancement Osteotomy in the management of severely comminuted olecranon fractures.
Fern ED, Brown J
Injury. 1993 Apr;24(4):267-9

Intra-articular fractures of the distal tibia: surgical management by limited internal fixation and articulated distraction.
Saleh M, Shanahan MD, Fern ED

Anterior knee pain in rheumatoid patients after total knee replacement. Possible selection criteria for patella resurfacing
Fern ED, Winson IG, Getty JG
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1992 Sep;74(5) :745-8

Closed derotation osteotomy of the femur using the intra-medullary saw
Eyres KS, Fern ED, Bell MJ, Douglas DL
Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology 5: 187-196, 1992

Osteoporotic Fractures : an unusual presentation of haemochromatosis
Eyres KS, McCloskey EV, Fern ED, Rogers S, Beneton M, Aaron JE, Kanis JA
Bone. 1992;13(6):431-3

An aid to surgery of the knee
Eyres KS, Fern ED
Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology 5,242-244, 1992

Use of the Mennen Plate for pathological fractures
Eyres KS, O’Doherty D, Fern ED, McCloskey EV, Kanis KA
Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology. 4:145-51, 1991

Extending Intra-medullary rods in congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia
Fern ED, Stockley I, Bell MJ
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1990 Nov ;72(6) :1073-5

Osteomyelitis following chickenpox in children
Fern ED, Hardern R, Bell M.
Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology
December 1990

Curved Kuntscher nail arthrodesis after failed total knee replacement
Fern ED, Stewart HD, Newton G
J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1989 Aug ;71(4) :588-90